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DP Update: Your Math 3 page needs to have at least one unit reflection (from your portfolio). You may include any work or POW's from the year to show off new skills you acquired this year. 

Unit 3: Small World Isn't It?  

Our current unit in Math 3 asks, ' If population growth continues according to its current pattern, how long will it be until people are squashed up against each other?'      To answer this question, students begin with a variety of problems concerning rates of growth, focusing on the idea of an average rate of change. The problem is that population growth is not linear, so we will need to find rates of change of nonlinear functions which leads us to the idea of derivatives. Ultimately, students return to the original population problem and try to fit an exponential function to the data given on Day 1.

Unit 2 Meadows or Malls

The central problem of this unit concerns a decision a city must make about land use. This problem can be expressed using a system of linear equations and inequalities. To solve this complex problem students will practice linear programming and solving systems of equations in more than 2 variables. Along the way students learn graphing equations in 3 variables, solve linear equations in 3 variables and study the possible intersection of planes in space. Students are also introduced to Matrix operations and the use of matrices to solve multi variable systems of equations. Ultimately using the graphing calculator to manipulate matrices will lead to a solution to the unit problem. 

Unit 1 Orchard Hideout

Have you ever stared into an orchard as you passed it on the road? From one perspective, you see that the trees are planted in straight rows. But as you move to a different spot, all you see is a mass of trees.

The main characters of this unit, Madie and Clyde, have planted an orchard. They want to know how long it will take before they can no longer see from the center of the orchard to the outside world.

You begin this unit with a look at their overall problem, and then you’ll examine some simpler cases.

The topics covered in this unit include: 

  • Circles
  • Right Triangle Trigonometry
  • Geometric Logic and Proof
  • Distance and Midpoint formulas
  • Coordinate Geometry